Use Google Calendar to Keep Track of Your Family

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google calendar pinterest Google calendar is amazing and helps to keep our family functioning well.

I have tried many calendar systems over the years—notebooks, organizers, day planners, palm pilot – yes I’m showing my age again etc. For one reason or another I always seemed to struggle with them.

I really love paper calendar systems, because I love to write things down. I also believe that the human brain remembers more of what we physically write down. However, paper calendars are not always with you and I found myself having to wait to schedule things until I was near my calendar.

Now that I have a smartphone –6 months now and I still wonder how I functioned before it – I always have my calendar with me now. We actually started using Google calendar before I got a smartphone.


Brian’s and my Google accounts are connected to Google calendar. We have five colors associated with Google calendar, which essentially link up to 5 separate calendars that are merged. Cassidy’s calendar is pink, Amelia’s is greene, Brian’s is blue, mine is yellow and our family events calendar is orange. At any given time we could look at one individual calendar or all of them.

The calendars are extremely user-friendly.

It works well for us. Google calendar is perfect when we are out and about or at work and need to see our calendar and make plans.

I still maintain that the home refrigerator calendar is still needed because it is a bigger visual calendar that serves its purpose at home. That calendar is useful for Cassidy to be able to see what is coming up. She loves to check out the refrigerator calendar to see what her week looks like. She also makes a countdown to upcoming fun events.

Brian and I can both update the Google calendar for ourselves or any member of the family. Another useful feature is the ease of getting directions. If you take the time to put the location of where appointments are, then directions are easy to get. You simply click on the address on your smartphone. It will easily open up navigation and provide directions to the location.

I get lost going everywhere so this is an important feature for me.

If I am going somewhere new in the morning I will click on the address just so I can find out how long it will take me to drive there and I can plan accordingly.

Another nice feature of Google calendar that you can’t find on a paper calendar is the repeat function. For all of those events that repeat (i.e. my work schedule) I can put enter it once and then designate how often/when I want it to repeat. This saves a lot of time.

google calendar image

You can easily look at the calendar by day, week, month, 4 day spread, or agenda view.

I use the week at a glance option the most. However, if I was working from home and scheduling more things into my day I could see where the day view would be used more.

If you are not already using Google calendar I suggest you give it a try. It’s a simple, functional calendar system that can be used by the whole family simultaneously. The ease with which you can set up your entire family’s calendar in minutes makes it a plus in this busy mom’s book.

Have you tried google calendar? What are your thoughts?


If you missed the post about our paper calendar please check it out as well. There is a time and a place for each type of calendar.

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