Want to Achieve your Goals- State Them Publicly

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I firmly believe that stating your goals publicly is a HUGE step in pushing yourself to achieve those goals. It is far too easy to push deadlines for accomplishing our goals later if no one knows about them.

acheive your goals

Think about it. Have you ever had the goal to lose weight or complete a project in your home?

I’m sure in your head you imagined a timeline for completing that goal. [I bet if you didn’t ever mention that goal or when you wanted to complete it to anyone other than yourself you probably didn’t accomplish the goal by your initial date.]

Some of you may have eventually completed the goal, but probably not by your initial timeline. Most of us either keep pushing the completion date out or we give up on the goal completely.

I know this process well because I have fallen victim to it so many times myself. You would think that since I know the power in publicly stating my goals that I would always do that.

Ha, that’s just not human nature.

The honest truth is that some of our goals are big, scary goals and it’s downright frightening to admit what they are to other people. Worse yet to put a timeline to accomplishing them. Why?

Of course, FEAR OF FAILURE. No one wants to fail and fail publicly—never.

It’s much safer to have big goals, work on them on our own and then celebrate by telling everyone once we reach them.

I argue that those big goals of yours could be achieved even sooner and celebrated even more if you allow others to support you in achieving them.

Imagine sharing that big goal of yours—even with a few close friends or family members.

I know scary, but do it.

Be sure to share your timeline for reaching that goal too. Supportive friends and family will ask you how it’s going and they can share the ups and downs with you.

Once you reach your goal you will find those people you told about the goal will be even more excited for you because they were part of the process and saw how hard you worked. The achievement of the goal will be even sweeter.

Recently, I struggled with a big, scary goal of mine—this blog.

The idea to start it came in late spring 2015. The real work on the blog began in July 2015 and I set a date for launching the blog of October 1. I worked to get ready, but very slowly. I kept finding more things I wanted to get done on it before I went “live” and I wasn’t setting enough time aside each week to work on it.

October 1 came and went and I kept working on the blog design, but only a little bit here and there.

I always had an excuse. “Well I just have to get through this big presentation at work.” “Oh, after the holidays I will definitely put more time towards the blog set-up.”

I quickly realized there was always going to be something coming up and I needed to really make the blog a priority.

I assessed where I was with this big, scary goal and realized that realistically I could be ready to go “live” with the blog by March 1. People who knew I was going to start a blog would ask when they could read it and I gave them that date. Instead of saying it was almost done and would go live soon, I had a date and wasn’t backing down.

I got more focused on dedicating time to the blog. My goal was 5 hours a week on the blog, but I was still struggling with that even into February. I knew if March 1 was going to be launch day I had to get serious about my time commitment to the goal.

In fact on February 8, 2016, I started to get nervous. I didn’t think I would hold myself accountable to that date and to my dedicated blog time every week. I wanted the blog to be perfect before launch, but realized that it was always going to be a work in progress and I needed to start somewhere.

Telling a few family and friends that asked wasn’t enough. I went straight to social media.

On February 8 I posted the following to Facebook:

“For my own accountability I will state this on social media. I will spend at least 5 hours a week on my business plan/ blog. Thank you 30 day challenge- Chalene Johnson

I had several family and friends “like” the post and others wrote comments. Someone asked when launch day was. I had to answer then and then there it was for all of my Facebook friends to see. I had some family and friends ask what my business plan/blog was about. It was time to be open about my big, scary goal with everyone I knew on Facebook.

It’s amazing the power that posting had.

I had no problem making sure I worked at least 5 hours a week on my blog from that point on. All of the sudden, March 1 became real and I was going to make it happen. I had even more people asking me about it and encouraging me.

As March 1 got closer I realized there was still so much I wanted to get done, but my time was limited. I had vacation time for a reason. What better use of some vacation time from work than to follow my dreams? I took a few half days (I was realistic to how long I could be productive at a time) and those extra hours made it a possibility. 2016 was a leap year, never was I more excited to have an extra day in February.

The blog went live on March 1. There were a few hiccups, but it went live and that was the point. I set a goal and I reached it.

Why did I reach it?

Because I had publicly affirmed the date along with my commitment to the number of hours a week I would work on it. achieve your goals

Set big, scary goals and then share them with others. Don’t forget to set a deadline for achieving these goals.

State your BIG goals in the comments section. That will count as one way of publicly stating your goals.

I'd love to hear from you.

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